Biofreeze $11.49 - $46.49

Biofreeze provides fast acting, long lasting relief for joint pain and muscle soreness. Clinically recommended pain relief without parabens or greasy application.

Fitness Balls
Fitness Balls $15.99

Use to increase abdominal and back strength. (Exercise chart and pump included)

Polar Roller
Polar Roller $29.99

Effective in reducing pain and inflammation related to shoulder and rotator cuff pain, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, and more!

Therapearl Wraps
Therapearl Wraps $9.99 - $18.99

THERA°PEARL is the doctor-designed, drug-free way to relieve pain and inflammation. Conforms to your body to deliver soothing relief. THERA°PEARL gives you the benefits of hot & cold therapy and when to use them. Reusable, non-toxic, and mess free.

Foam Roller
Foam Roller $17.99

Work on sore & tired muscles at home or the gym. Relieve pain and tightness of muscle knots and great for core stabilization exercises, balance training and improving joint mobility.

TriggerPoint Orange Roller
TriggerPoint Orange Roller $57.99

The 26” hollow design allows you to work larger areas at a time while the grooves provide different intensities of trigger point massage. This roller can even be used in your everyday workout to intensify core work or push-ups. Great for your lats, quads, lower back and larger muscle groups.

TriggerPoint Massage Ball
TriggerPoint Massage Ball $16.99

The TriggerPoint massage ball is a great choice for targeted relief. For best results, place the ball directly on the area of discomfort, apply pressure and roll side to side.

TheraBand Massage Roller
TheraBand Massage Roller $24.99

The TheraBand roller massager is a versatile tool for self massage. With its rigid design and durable handles, it’s easy to target sore and tight muscles post activity and during warm-ups. Achieve an at-home deep tissue massage with just the right amount of pressure that you can control.

Twin Massage Block
Twin Massage Block $16.99

The twin block is great for releasing the traps, rhomboids, calf muscles, levator scapulae and many other muscle groups.

Acuball $26.99

The Acuball’s specially designed acupoints and heat stimulate blood flow. This increases circulation, helping to ‘flush out’ built up toxins that accumulate in tight muscles causing pain.

Amour CBD
Amour CBD $31.99 - $109.99

AmourCBD™’s family of products are simply the best in the market. Only the finest, U.S.-grown hemp and the highest grade, broad spectrum CBD oil. All AmourCBD™ products have Zero-THC and with regular, independent third-party laboratory tests. AmourCBD Pain Relieving Cream is FDA registered as an OTC product and contains the most effective, proven pain reliever, lidocaine, and is odor free.

BodyMed Digital Tens Unit
BodyMed Digital Tens Unit $48.99

The BodyMed digital tens unit offers a high-quality, affordable electrotherapy solution by providing non-invasive, low-risk nerve stimulation to reduce acute and chronic pain. This highly portable unit can be used anywhere and has many presets for ease of use.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

“Riley was diagnosed with torticollis at 1 month old. He is a twin and the tight quarters only favored looking one direction so much he developed a knot in his neck muscle that was very visible as well as a flat spot on the side of his head. With PT it has made a huge difference in his behavior and interaction! By starting right away when we were diagnosed and working a lot with him at home it only took about 5 months and his back to normal with his head control and development. Krysta gave us stretches and exercises that were easy to do throughout the day with a busy house of 3 kids."

— Riley B.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

“When I first came in I was so Dizzy I wasn’t able to walk straight and was so bad I was also having trouble sleeping. After the first treatment I was better. The staff has been wonderful and has been very concerned with my wellbeing. I’m a true success story!

— Mona R.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

“Initially I came in basically unable to walk. I could not put any weight on my left leg at all. After approximately 7-8 visits I was back to playing basketball. The staff was nice and friendly. They were absolutely amazing."

— Christian S

What Our Clients Are Saying!

“When I came to Fyzical I had a lot of pain on my back. They work on my back and got me on the right track to get me healthy again. I recommend this place to anyone who has an issue that needs physical therapy. Thank again!"

— Alemenesh M.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

“Everyone from the front desk and all the techs are the “Best”. I’ve done therapy at other centers and never achieved what these folks helped me to achieve! Highly recommend “Fyzical” therapy!"

— Jeff L.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

“Went from bad pain in shoulder to no pain at all. I’m very satisfied with everything."

— David B.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

“Came in after a bad car accident. Couldn’t put my socks on, my back hurt so bad. After 2 months of seeing Heidi & Scott I’ve regained all my mobility & have finally got back into the gym. Night and day difference from when I started."

— Gregory E.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

“When I first started at Fyzical I was recovering from fractured tibia. I was using a walker after having been in a wheelchair for about 3 months. I was able to graduate to a cane and now an able to go without the cane around the house or short distances. I only use the cane when walking longer distances. The staff at Fyzical are all very caring and professional. They are friendly and encouraging."

— Diane B.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

“I had quite a bit of pain in the beginning had trouble with pretty much everything I did. Sleeping, sitting, and exercising. I found Fyzical, these people made me feel almost like new again. Thank you so much to Andra, she saved me. Amazing Place!"

— Deborah W

What Our Clients Are Saying!

“After knee replacement I was in quite a bit of pain. PT was tough to start with but after a week or started to see a change. Along with at home exercising I now feel like I am able to exercise on my own. Surgery was 6 week ago."

— Mark K

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